Check ourselves before we wreck ourselves!

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

So let’s imagine for one second that we could go on social media and post what ever we wanted without the worry of someone, somewhere, judging us. Imagine going out in Sydney and actually meeting girls as friends that aren’t just 15 vodka sodas deep in the bathroom or better yet going out and actually having real conversation with someone instead of sitting there pretending we don’t want to talk to anyone!

Doesn’t it feel like we say & post so much about supporting and holding each other up, we want everyone to succeed, we want everyone to feel beautiful and loved, yet when it comes to actually participating in society, it seems that a lot of this positivity is absent. 

Why is it that a girl can’t feel safe and happy to just sleep with someone to meet her needs, without the torment of her thoughts and what other people in the community may think?

We tell females to be sexy and passionate and loving, yet they are the first to be labelled or judged if they are any of these things.

We promote healthy body weight and mindset on social media, yet we see and hear judgement on others from every angle in the street.

Why is it that someone can’t just tell the other that they are not into the relationship rather then leading them down the twisted garden path for weeks? Aren’t we as the human race more advanced than these childhood games? 

Why do we spend our time scrolling social media’s to compare our lips, cheek bones, bootys, material objects and fabricated experiences? When there’s a world out there that is dying? Animals, children and other humans just like us that need saving.

Don’t we want to work together to create better humans? The world is in dyer need of better humans right now more than ever, yet 3 quarters of society have 15 Afterpay bills running just to try and simply “keep up”. 

I hate seeing our generation take this Narcissistic dive into self obsession and not being able help every single person who is struggling with a Instagram obsessed world.

Can we all start spreading the word, that we are for the human race and we have each other’s back no matter what race, socio economic status or age? Can we all just start being absolute legends and help create a better world rather than destroy the gift we have been given? Even if its the smallest difference this year, its still a difference, 2019 the year of change, the year we check ourselves.


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