How to fall in love! With San Diego.

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

San Diego is so vibrant and alive i could go on for days! But promise i won’t haha.

First of all picture this, you and your two best friends in sports jerseys drinking bud light, eating spicy Mexican food out of baseball caps, fireworks lighting the sky while you’re lit AF, yelling at hot sports people when you don’t even understand the game! That’s my experience of a Padres home game!

If my experience doesn’t make you book a flight they also have kiss cams, interactive hashtags, cocktails and music.

You can buy tickets online via this link and the season runs from March to September.

If you want to stay closer to the stadium and city action then i would recommend booking the Kimpton Solomar. FYI - they have wine hour EVERYDAY, also FYI wine hour = FREE WINE.

Now, real talk- San Diego would not be complete if there was no Taco Tuesdays involved, so, take it from me, head to Pacific beach! Due to being so close to the Mexican border, the coast line here is packed full of Mexican bars and restaurants who absolutely love to throw a happy hour and taco special. I suggest hitting the Elprez rooftop around 4pm, they make awesome tacos and have half price margaritas (careful, they make em strong) and you get a killer sunset. Just don’t forget your passport - San Diego is incredibly strict on I.D and it MUST be your passport (i know, lame!).

If being schaffered around the coast with drink in hand is more your thing then definitely get amongst Todo Bien Tours. They are a couple of local guys who know the best of the best local spots along the the coast and also have top notch bants for along the way, finishing with a dreamy beach fire to drink the night away (this is when i discover that Uber-eats will actually deliver your pizza to the beach!!!) if that isn’t living then i’m not sure what is.

If you’re a fan of wildlife then i highly suggest heading over to La Joya for the day. This my friends is where you will find a group of at least 20 seals lazing around right on the beach with you, i mean they will literally swim into you. Follow your seal swimming beach baking day off with a visit to the La Joya cottage, trust me you won't be disappointed, these guys pull off killer coffee (hard to find in the US).

Again, SD has so much to offer, there is absolutely no fitting it into one blog. So below

Is a few more points i thought might help you out -

Getting around -

  • bike hire - Download the “Bird” or “Mobike”app, its super simple.

  • Uber - I’ll assume you know this one.

  • LYFT - usually have the first ride free.

Things to see/do -

- Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace ships (if they are in town).

- La Joya Seals.

- Padres Baseball game.

- Pacific Beach.

- Industry night (Monday Night).

- Bike Ride through the harbour (San Diego is a harbour city).

- VIsit a dispensary - FYI Marijuana is legal in SD.

Enjoy my loves - San Diego is town full of incredible beauty and i highly recommend checking it out if you’re heading to the states.


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