Finding certainty in uncertain times...

In a time that our world is very turbulent and incredibly uncertain, it may be becoming increasingly harder to find any kind of certainty over the next few months in isolation....

Now although certainty may not be one of your top human needs in usual circumstances, it seems to have risen its head and made it to the top of many of our lists as of late. In what I like to refer to as “normal life” uncertainty is also one of my top needs – I can’t be too certain about where my life is heading, yet I also can’t be too uncertain, it’s a great balancing act haha.

Unfortunately, at this point in time uncertainty seems to have won the tugger war and is dominating the emotional games and I’m not sure about you, but at first for me this feeling seemed to overtake everything I did, thought and even dreamt about. Now the dust has settled, I am beginning to understand that there is still so much certainty in this world, it’s just that our focus must change.

I used to wake up and be certain I was heading to work, I would be certain on what time I would get to the gym, what time I would eat breakfast and what time I would get home, walk the puppies and fall into bed. I knew what food I would have in my fridge and what money was going into my bank account, NOW none of these things are certain to me.

Within the blink of an eye everything as I knew it changed. My wages and days at work were reduced, the grocery stores are empty, the gyms are closed, and social distancing is a term I use multiple times a day.

So, amongst all the chaos, how do we refocus?

How do we see certainty in one of the most uncertain times we will ever face as a human being?

We pivot and refocus our certainty!

Now let’s go over the things we can still be certain about in this world.

I know I can be certain that I still have a roof over my head, I can still be certain I will be able to get food on my plate, although this food may be different to usual for a while.

I am certain I can still reach out to friends and family and have conversations with them, again, maybe in a different way than before but if anything I can make these conversations more connective than ever – we now have to reach out to each person and spend an amount of time actually focusing on our conversation with them instead of having a fleeting half assed chat.

I’m certain my shower will still be hot, my day will still consist of laughter and my family will still feel love. I can still watch the sun rise....

I can still get up and work out, I can still get up and work and I can still show myself care and love, these are just a few of the certainty's in our lives.

If we spend our time redirecting our energy and refocusing on the things we can control, we have certainty in everything that we do.

I know I’m certain I will continue to learn, maybe more than ever before, I am certain I will eat nutritious healthy foods and practice healthy habits and I’m also certain that on a Friday I will still have a glass of wine and sit back to reflect on my week.

(Balance is still available throughout this time even if we may have slipped up and eaten the entire packet of choc chip cookies, it’s still balance, it’s still real life and we must continue to go on with our lives like we are certain we will succeed).

Let’s continue living beautiful connective balanced lives, although our circumstances may have changed for the short term, that doesn’t mean we need to put ourselves on hold for the long term.

We can find certainty in anything as long as we shift our focus. We got this, you got this!

Sending love as always to you and yours.



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