So what if im single!!

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

So, I want to chat about the ever dreaded and danced around topic of being single and edging towards the end of your 20’s. I mean how good is that feeling of rocking up to a family do on a Sunday, half a face of makeup from the evening prior, possibly still intoxicated and having to explain to your family the reason why you are STILL attending these things as a single lady!

We put so much pressure on ourselves these days to have the perfect life that society has drilled into us day in and day out since basically the day we were born - haven't you ever noticed that even the Disney movies we grew up watching had subliminal life messages in them? Every “happy” ending has been put forward to us as - Girl meets her prince charming, Prince charming saves the girl from danger and looks after her, they get married and ride off into the sunset.

I turned 29 this year, I'm single by choice and I'm really enjoying my life, but i must say there is such an incredible amount of pressure from society to “hurry up and find a man because my biological clock is ticking” and “don't you want to get married and have children?”.

Shouldn't we be concentrating on being happy within ourselves rather than settling down for someone or something that doesn't set our souls on fire?

Shouldn't we be concentrating on bettering the world and the people in it or combatting depression and anxiety and drug use before worrying about someone else’s biological clock?

So why is it so terrible if we want to wait until we are in our 40’s and adopt a child in need? Or be a dog, cat, bird or pizza loving lady? There are so many questions I need answered that no one ever seems to have time for.

The message I'm trying to communicate here is that, its ok to enjoy your life without a significant other or without any grand plans for marriage in the future, Its ok to arrive home from a night out with the girls and eat an entire family size pizza to yourself (We literally did this for 4 consecutive nights in Vegas).

We need to start coming together as humans and realising that there is no real guidelines on how you should live your life, we are all just doing our best at living our best lives and age shouldn't dictate that! If you want to do 10 rounds of tequila shots at 34 years old, then do it or if you want to stay at home with a cup of chamomile and some soft jazz at 23 then do it!! Live your life on your terms girl and don't allow yourself to rely on someone or something to make you happy, that shit comes from within yourself and it's beautiful when you realise that.


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