Have a quickie with Laguna Beach

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Think dusky pink and purple orange county sunsets, whilst sitting on a deck cheersing crisp champagne, overlooking the white sands you spent the hours prior wandering between beach chair and soft waves, with a touch of light sun kissed skin.

This my friends is everything Laguna Beach is about and you can get it all in one beautiful sun drenched day!

Ok, so the plan was to basically cruise through Laguna beach whilst fitting as many repeats of Hillary Duffs “come clean” theme song in as possible (don’t judge, you know you would too) , maybe stop off for a quick dip and continue down the coast to San Diego. However, it quickly came to our reCollage alisation that there was ALOT more to the good old OC town of Laguna than we expected!

As you do, I got on the gram once we hit the beach side surf town and started to search all the usuals #lagunaeats #lagunabeachcafes #wheredothehotboysgoinlaguna - you get the gist. Anyway, we soon stumbled across what I would like to call the “creme dela creme” of Laguna Beach. Nestled in a quaint back street in front of a never ending mountain of beachside mansions that ran parallel to the sea, was a place called “The Deck”.

After the incredibly good looking concierge parked our car, we walk down a long alley of stairs that leads you directly down to the most perfect little deck overlooking the crystal waters of Laguna Beach (at this point I can’t help but think “we’re home girls”).

Now, from here we have two options, pull up a seat and start ordering Spritzers until the sun drops below the horizon or take the stairs directly onto the sand and fall into that beautiful sparkling ocean, of course, we chose spritzers and guoc (trust me, GET THE GUOC!!).

If you’re stopping in Laguna beach you’re definitely going to want to call dibs on not being the deso driver, trust me this place is filled to the brim with beautiful scenery, people and of course COCKTAILS! We spent the next few hours here on the deck at Laguna beach downing incredible drinks and even better food - We definitely had our LC vibe’s happening! The food at the Deck looks and tastes beautiful! You will absolutely not be disappointed with this place for a quick stop in and if you don’t believe me, here’s their link https://www.deckonlaguna.com

Once we finished up here, we headed back to the beautiful concierge officer and hit the road to finish up our trip down to San Diego - of course i called dibs on not being the deso driver so for me this drive was a great time.

The streets were bursting with wholefoods and boutique’s amongst seaside mansion’s lined with palm trees and the air was warm with sea salt as the sun set across the ocean!

Clearly i was in my element after downing spritzers all afternoon!

My one fail of this trip was not staying longer in Laguna Beach & i would love some tips for my next visit, so HMU you beautiful humans!!


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