Lost among the Lemon Cello...

Lined with lemon trees and cliffs dipping straight down into the crystal clear waters below. The home of Lemon cello and back streets lined with chilli shops. Local delis on every corner and enough cheese and wine to last a life time. 

The Sorrento coast is magic.

Last year we spent my 30th eating and drinking our way through the Sorrento coast and crossing to the Amalfi when possible, I tell you, this place is nothing short of incredible. We stayed in a small town just out of Sorrento called Vico Equense.

We flew direct to Naples from Roam and had a driver take us direct to the hotel which was about an hour away(half with his driving).

Vico Equense was only a couple of stops via the local train line Into the centre of Sorrento and the line was smothered in lemon trees. We stayed here because I was adamant I wanted to stay on the water, which actually becomes quite difficult along the Sorrento coast due to the almost offensive cliffs that line the coast.

We stayed in a magnificent hotel (you know the ones you see hot movie stars galavanting in film clips?) called hotel Capo la gala(www.hotelcapolagala.com). Capo had a driver that would take you into town or the train line any time day or night( even just to pick up gelato). 

It’s quite easy to get around the coast once you have your head in the game, majority of things are written in Italian, however, the towns are in English.

Once you have finished gasping over the rickity train that passes through the lemon cello farms and locals home towns, you will find yourself in Sorrento and here is where the real magic begins. Find your way to the Main Street of Sorrento, you know the one that is lined with Italian brand names?

Now once you have hit this street, you’re going to want to head straight down the first side alley you see..

This my friends is where you will find the hustle and bustle of markets and

Lemon cello stores, dried Chilli’s hanging from the roof all upon a cobblestone path. 

There is so much happening in these back alleys that are completely hidden from the unknowing traveller wandering the street. 

My advice here is GET LOST! Let your exploring, inspired, intrigued being come out and just get lost in these back streets. 

In Sorrento there is a harbour and white yachts until the eye can see, there is also a ferry stop. Now, you have two choices from here to get to the Amalfi (if that’s where your heart leads you) and these are:

-A large passenger bus that quite aggressively scales the bending cliffs of the Amalfi, leaving you hanging half over the edge for majority of the trip (not my cup of coffee, but definitely for the Adrenalin junkies).

A pleasant ferry trip from the lemon lined coast direct to the Amalfi (or Positano). These two are options are quite literally your only options, unless of course you want to fork out over 200 euro return in a cab and battle the buses on the way (Trust me, go the boat). I personally couldn’t resist seeing the picturesque mountain of pastel colours that is Positano, so we spend the majority of our time on the Amalfi here.

Your best option here is to go for the day, make sure you book a restaurant for a long lunch and a bottle of rose( I booked 3 months out as we went in peak season). Then once you are wine and dined, stroll your way down the cobble stone stairways and grab a day bed on Positano infamous black stoned beach.

We dined at one of the most magnificent places I have ever seen and a place that will forever stay in my heart, it’s called Le Sirenuse and I feel like my writing can’t explain just how magnificent this restaurant/hotel was, so above & below are some photos of what we experienced.

Once we finished dipping in the incredible deep blue waters of the Amalfi coast..

and staring back at a town dripping in history and pink bougainvilleas, we jumped back on our ferry straight to Sorrento and wound down with a cup full of gelato and a warm evening stroll through busy traditional Italian restaurants, serving pasta, risotto and pizza as far as the eye could see. I could write forever on how beautiful the Sorrento/Amalfi coast is, but I’ll leave it for you to get lost in this part of the world..

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