How one degree of change, could change your life...

So here i am, sitting on a sunset drenched beach in Tulum, Mexico with an overwhelming feeling of happiness and ease drifting down over me like a light veil carried by butterfly's (that could also be the tequila kicking in). I start to wonder “is this what pure happiness feels like?”, “How did my life turn around so much in the past two years?”. You see, my life hasn't always been sunsets and margaritas.

Just over two years ago my life was thrown into complete meltdown. I lived with the love of my life in our beachside apartment and I thought I had found happiness (nothing like the butterfly veil might i add). At the ripe young age of 24 this was a recipe for disaster! We were trying to play house when we could barely even play life!

It was the weekend of the Australian NRL grand Final and we had planned to head out for the night, however, I was soon to find out that this would no longer be the case not only for that night but for a long time to come afterwards.

Long story short, we broke up that evening and I felt like my soul had been pulled from my body kicking and screaming. The next few months hold stories, lessons and breakthroughs that I will share in full detail at a later date.

Instead whilst sitting here on this golden sunset drenched beach watching the pink sky's slowly fade away and the twinkling fairy lights grow radiant around me, I want to talk about how much One degree of change can change your entire life!

Two years ago I decided to make a choice, a choice to better myself as a human being, to solely focus on myself and be selfish for a while. I started to focus on my own health and what I wanted to put in my body, I focused on what kind of exercise I enjoy, what music I enjoy and as ridiculous as it sounds what kind of clothes I wanted to wear!

A whole lot has changed since this decision to be self caring took place, but I can promise you, it has only been for the better. I mean hey, i'm currently sipping Margis in Tulum.

What I am saying is, I know you may feel like your world is crumbling around you and it may not be because of a break up, It could be something completely different, but i promise you the way we all get through these things is by One degree of change. I was at my lowest point and managed to tun it all around to create and live my best life, I know you can too. Start getting out of bed one morning a week to see the sunrise, start going for an afternoon run or even just start with stopping at your favourite coffee shop every morning for an Almond milk latte. Basically just start!! Your best life is waiting.

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