My Breakup was the best thing that ever happened to me.

SO, here you are, smack bang in the middle of a breakup. Who would have thought? Who would have thought, even one week ago when everything seemed fine? How the F did we get here!!??

Nevertheless, here you are.

Now, believe me, i know the only thing you want to do right now is curl up in a tiny ball and become non existent, or stare at a wall until the tears run out and you manage to fall asleep for an hour.

I know the second thing you are going to want to do is get as drunk as physically possible until you either black out or call him 23 times before you send a half written one eye open abusive yet “I LOVE YOU!!!” text.

Girl, can i tell you, i feel your pain.

I’ve felt every heartache you feel, although, we will never know exactly what you're going through because every love and every heartache is different, just know you are not alone. You are not the first and you are definitely not the last. We have moments in life when we need someone to tell us it’s going to be ok, and that’s ok.

Now, i want to remind you about how amazing YOU are as a human, i want to remind you how far YOU have come as a sole being on this planet. No one makes you live or do the things you do every day, you do those things because YOU have control of your life and you have kept yourself going until this point. This will be one of your biggest test’s so far, but with every single molecule of my human, i can tell you, you’re going to own this test!

I know this because when i went through my hardest times after my breakup, i thought the pain would never end, i thought there was no way i could ever pick myself back up and go on living how i was (let alone my best life). However, sitting here 3 years later, i can say, that it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Let’s put it this way, society has not only moulded us into thinking we NEED a relationship of some sort by a certain point in our life, but it has basically told us Exactly what it should look like!

I Say F### that!!

WE are our own people and WE only get one chance at life. There is no dress rehearsal for life, there is no second chance at the minutes we let slip past like they mean nothing. Let’s start living for us, let’s start adventuring and travelling and experiencing every single beautiful piece of emotion this world has to offer us.

The message i am basically trying to articulate to you here is that your happiness is up to you! Although you have lost someone and that hurts every inch of your body, you have also gained a chance now to rise above, you have a new foundation to build upon and you can live absolutely any life you want!

Engulf yourself in sadness and blocks of family sized choccie when it comes and embrace the happiness when it too comes.

Let the emotion take you but learn from it and own it.

Its ok to be sad and it’s also ok to be happy, remember that.

Once i realised i could do this, i booked a solo trip for a month in Indonesia, i purchased an apartment and i started progressing in my career, i started finding out who I was, what my sole craved, what my mind lusted for and i have never, ever, looked back. I found myself, i found the person i always knew i was, but hid to please someone else and i’m now not afraid to admit that.

You are just as strong as every other woman or man who has picked themselves up after a breakup and powered on. If someone else can do it, then my girl, you can do it.

Now open that laptop/phone or whatever device you are using and start building that life you know you can have. Cry and laugh and eat your bodyweight in chocolate and then start getting shit done!!

I got you girl! We as woman, got you! But most of all, YOU got YOU!


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