Screw this, get me to Bali.... for the weekend!!!

Humid nights, evening strolls to the light sound of humming scooters & smashed avo for less than a mortgage - sounds dreamy doesn’t it?

If you live in Australia, you would undoubtably know someone who has spent some of their life in Bali. As majority of us know Bali is just a short flight away (5hours from Sydney and even less from basically everywhere else in Aus). Now, I’ve spent many months travelling Bali and I can still say there’s places yet to be seen, food yet to be eaten and culture yet to be experienced.

This magical island has a never ending smorgasbord of magic to offer, however, we all live incredibly busy lives these days and probably don’t get the time off that we would like. SO, Recently I spent the weekend in Bali, yes that’s right ONE  weekend (ok I took the Friday off) - I challenged myself to put together a “Weekend in Bali” list to help those gals that are working hard to make a living.

So, to keep it simple here it is - If you’re flying from Sydney then Virgin airlines is definitely the way to go. Virgin offer a 11am flight which gets you to the island paradise by 4pm Bali time (Jetstar, although a tad cheaper can’t get you there until 9pm Bali time). Just an FYI - 4pm Friday arrival allows you to have a

champagne on the plane and arrive half buzzed to get you through that horrendous customs experience.

Note** when you get off the plane, walk (or run) as fast as possible to the customs desk, this will save you a good hour or two in line(thank me later). Once you’re through the airport you still have time to get to the hotel and head out for afternoon Margies.

Stay in Seminyak or Canggu for the first evening, these are closer to the airport and easy to find your hotel in the evening and also allows more time for Margie’s. If you’re heading to Canggu then make sure you hit up the lawn for afternoon cocktails followed by old mans for Mexican and margaritas & and if you prefer Seminyak, make sure you get down to La Plancha for happy hour & bean bags on the the dusky skied beach.

First thing in the morning, you want to head to crate cafe for $5 brekkies YASS Girl legitimately $5 for açai bowls, I know it’s next level. Once you’ve wrapped it up here you probably want to grab a scooter and head up to Ulus (Uluwatu). My favourite place in the Bukit region is Bingin beach, I’m talking cliff sun sets with 50c Bintangs, rainforest to the edge of the road, crystal clear water and surfers for dayyyysss📷.

If you do stay in Bingin be sure to stay on the cliff(images below), you can either air BnB a house or stay at one of the many incredible hotel stays (my absolute fave is Sals secret spot You will want a torch as there is no lighting heading down the cliff at night and it’s some pretty rough terrain - however, all worth it!

Around Ulus there’s anything you could want but I suggest heading to a local cafe for once again $5 brekkies and fresh AF food, then straight to a beach club. Yes babes, this place is dripping in sun drenched cliff hangouts - head to Ulu Cliff House for the day around midday and i promise you will not be disappointed, serving 2 for one cocktails around a pool hanging over the ocean(I know, Dream!!) from here you can see ocean and cliffs below with the odd duegong popping by. Once you’re feeling the good vibes here after a couple of sneaky cockies, head to singlefin for sundowners to watch one of the most incredible sunsets you will ever see and drink the evening away with great tunes and once again, yes, Mexican food! Just make sure you have a driver ready or you know how to bargain with the local taxi drivers - FYI it shouldn’t cost you anymore than 20,000rp to get back to your cliff hideaway( hopefully you packed that torch).

Now the last day in Bali (again if you live in Sydney) is usually pretty hit and miss due to the only option being the red eye out that evening, so in saying that my suggestion would be to order a late check out and spend the day exploring Uluwatu and Bingin beach - morning swim, jump on the scooter to find a new fresh AF cafe and order one of everything, head down to Uluwatu beach and beach hop back to Binging stopping in for a quick one hour massege ($10 Aud) on your way. Shower, get packed and head back down to Seminyak for another culinary delight (cough cough, chin chins)before hitting the airport.

Once you’re through customs, head directly to the lounge - there’s only one public accessible lounge at this airport and it costs aud $30 to enter- might I add , this is worth every single cent!!

First of all food in the public area cost about $25 for a burger and it’s uncomfortable at 10pm at night with no wifi. The lounge offers all food, wine, showers and foot massages all for $30!!! Need I say more? Now that’s a jammed packed weekend in Bali but worth every second! I hope this helps all of you babes needing a quick break from the grind, we need to remember why we are doing this, why we are working so hard, so we can enjoy ourselves and experience life! So do it now, i can’t recommend it enough. Spend the weekend in Bali! 📷️ TES

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