That spilt coffee is a privilege, not a Problem.

If you are anything like me, your daily routine is usually scheduled to the minute and usually looks something like this - wake up, coffee, gym sesh, breakfast, play with my babies (2 fat little bulldogs), coffee, work, walk, dinner then blogging....

PHEW, that’s A lot!

BUT, There is one small detail I failed to mention here and this is what I want to shed some light on considering it’s the start of a new year and new goal setting (p.s it is actually still ok to set New Years resolutions, having a reason to start something new is incredible whether it’s a new year or a new hour - you do you!).

We spend so much time scheduling and fitting in physical activity or work and we actually don’t schedule in time for our (what I like to call) mental routine.

We are cramming so much more into every minute of every day and continuing to create un-rested minds, yet there are so many of us that are neglecting our mental health and emotional awareness.

If we can get up every day and work on our figure and our looks then, I ask, why can’t we start to create a scheduled mental routine?

So here’s where I want to share the missing daily (scheduled) part of my morning routine, it’s called “priming” and this is an exercise that not only grounds me every day but also brings bucket loads of self awareness. I picked up priming from a man called Tony Robbins (look him up, he’s a phenomenal human being) and it has undoubtedly helped me shape my life.

The process is a combination of recognising the things in life we are grateful for, from the feel of the fresh rain on our face or the soft bed we just had the privilege  to wake from (see life’s starting to look a little better already!), then sending love to the people we care about in this world, followed by a vision of where we see our life heading.

You see we all have days that we get up and can’t be bothered going to the gym or driving our “average car” or going to our “boring job” and then we spill our perfectly heated almond milk coffee in our freshly cleaned average car and ohhhh shit, this bitch is going to lose it.... However, when you start your day with a grateful mind, it’s incredibly hard to be shook by the little things that really don’t mean anything, we start appreciating the fact that we even have a car to drive and have a job unlike so many that don’t get that opportunity to provide a better life for themselves.

That spilt coffee is a privilege, not a Problem.

Emotional intelligence is hard to perfect and we should work on this for the rest of our lives.

This routine doesn’t have to be hours or even 30 minutes long, I practice for 3 minutes some days and some days it might even be in my car, but I always make sure I practice. This routine will help change your life and your mind/way of approaching the day in as little is 3-5 minutes per day, it will bring you back to being grateful and a grateful mind can do tremendous things!

Your mental routine may not be priming, it may be meditation, yoga or running, it may even be reading a book in a quiet room. You need to find what it is then practice it!

Make this thing a part of your daily routine and do it without hesitation or excuses. Your mental health is so vital to the human you are and the life you live, it makes me question why we all don’t have a mental routine from the day we learn to tie a shoelace.

If not today, then when??


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