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Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Ok, so i want to have a real chat and cut out all of the bullshit. There isn’t this magical time in life where everything becomes perfect all of a sudden, it's not when you get that boyfriend, it’s not once you lose that extra Kilo and it's definitely not once you have that new bag, car, dress, shoes or even baby! There is no point in life when the world suddenly stops spinning and everything magically falls into place like you have always dreamt.

we need to learn to enjoy the everyday and the small moments that essentially make up our life as a whole or we will forever be chasing the next thing.

I'm not saying this to dampen the mood or throw a wet blanket over anyone, however, I am trying to be real. I’m saying, you won’t truly be happy until you are truly happy with being you and your mission in life. You see, life is constantly happening or should i say shit is constantly happening. Whether it's directly to you or someone you care about or even someone that you brushed past today on your morning coffee run.

I see it so much these days, young girls/women and even young men are constantly comparing themselves to what they see online and what they are made to think is the "perfect” life. I’ve been sucked into the vortex of comparison myself in the past, I’ve compared my body, my career and my relationships to the things I saw online every day and all it did was make me unhappy. I thought “once I get to this point in my life, things will be better”. Let me tell you, they don’t!

We will always find another “thing” that will make us happy - it's called a temporary fix and it's the same feeling you get by going back to a destructive relationship, a destructive eating habits and an unhealthy shopping addiction, the euphoric feeling is temporary!

Think about how long that feeling of purchasing another pair of shoes actually lasts for before they become old and less valuable to your life. So i ask, how many things are we actually investing in to create a better more fulfilled life? What is it that actually makes your world spin, if you take away all the materialistic, staged moments? What is it that will actually make you happy? Now build a plan and work on that.

Now, we say that social media is ruining our generation, but let me ask you this - is social media ruining our generation or is it just the way our generation chooses to use it? You beautiful humans, i want you to stop and close your eyes for a second and think about what you aspire to be in life and how you plan on getting there? Now do any of these thoughts consist of scrolling for hours and comparing your handbag, car or relationship to another? Is that what you think will get you to happiness? Because let me tell you, wasting your precious time on this planet scrolling to subconsciously tell yourself you aren’t good enough won’t get you squat!

Being grateful for what we have in our life and looking for the glass half full option is a skill that needs to be practiced.

So why not, instead of scrolling to see what someone else wore on the weekend so we can find a new fast fashion website to rack up that after pay account on, why don’t we start using social media in a more positive less self destructive way? Start using social media to learn things that get you closer to your aspirations, start following people that teach you good habits and teach you positive ways to reach your goals? Find brands that actually aid in helping the planet. Learn from them! Use social media as a book of knowledge not a way to judge and feel judged in return.

What I am trying to say here is that no matter how much we think someone else may have it better than us, they are them and you are you and just the sheer fact that you are here today reading this, proves just how amazing your life is. I practice being grateful for who and what i have around me everyday and yes PRACTICE is the correct terminology. It takes time to be able to check back into your why at any given time.

So tomorrow, instead of waking up and scrolling, wake up and train and appreciate that you have the ability to be healthy. Smile back at that stranger that wished you good morning, remember why you have those people in your life that add tiny moments of beauty everyday and truly appreciate how incredible your life is just by waking up this morning!

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